@CoopParty supports my MEP Campaign

I was delighted when the London Region of the Coop Party sent out an email to all of it’s members, asking them to support Co-operative members in the MEP Ballot.  As a member of the Cooperative Party, I think that’s it’s really important that Co-operative values are promoted all across Europe.  This week I attended the Carshalton and Wallington CLP Social, which was held in the fantastic Hope Pub.  It was at threat of closure, when the local community stepped in and now run it as a Co-operative.  The staff were very friendly and the food and atmosphere was great.  This is just one of the many examples of how a Co-operative approach can bring real benefits to a local community.

You can read the full text of the email that was sent to London members of the Coop Party below:


Dear London Co-operative Party member,


You will by now have received ballot papers from the Labour Party for the selection of their European Parliamentary Candidates for 2014 (if you are also a Labour Party member).  In this ballot, you are asked to put the candidates who have been chosen in a priority order. The deadline for return of ballot papers is 31st July.


We are writing to you to urge that you vote (in whichever order you feel appropriate) for those candidates who are members of the Co-operative Party.


The following candidates are members of the Co-operative Party, and are listed simply in alphabetical order rather than in any suggested priority order :


Sitting MEPs


Mary Honeyball MEP      http://thehoneyballbuzz.com

Claude Moraes MEP       http://www.claudemoraes.com


New Candidates for MEP


Sanchia Alasia                    http://sanchiaalasia.com

Lucy Anderson                  http://www.lucyanderson.org

Seb Dance                           http://www.sebdance.com


This selection ballot will make a real difference to who represents London in the European Parliament.  On current polling, Labour would gain more seats than the two that we currently hold.


Co-operation and mutuality are international as well as national and local issues, and it is important that the co-operative agenda and perspectives are not forgotten at a European level.  There is a strong co-operative tradition and presence amongst many of our European partners – upon which we and they can build with further co-operative voices and action in the European Parliament.


We urge you to use your vote – and in the co-operative interest.


Yours in co-operation,




London Co-operative Party




London Co-operative Party


address : 77 Weston Street  SE1 3SD

email :   london@party.coop

About Sanchia Alasia

Sanchia Alasia is a Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham for Alibon Ward.

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