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A unique opportunity to make history #sanchia4mep

To all my campaign supporters,

I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support I have received for my campaign to become London’s newest MEP. For this to become a reality I really need your help. I need to reach out to all the labour party members in London so that I top the ballot which will increase my chances of being elected. This is going to need a lot of resources which is purely self-financed and so any donations you can make would be really helpful from £1 to £1000 (or more!).

Please visit my updated website in order to make a donation, which will be gratefully received. My campaign provides the Labour party a unique opportunity to make history; will you be a part of it?

If you would like to be a part of my historic campaign which would mean when elected that I would be the first female MEP of African Caribbean heritage to ever sit in the European Parliament, please get in touch.


@sanchia4europe #sanchia4mep

Click the following link to read the press coverage of my camapign to date:


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