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Sanchia worked extremely hard alongside her fellow London Labour party European candidates, to ensure that Labour won in London in 2014.  With her invaluable contribution to the campaign, Labour gained two extra MEP’s with a 15% swing to become the first party in London.  I know that she will continue to work hard and campaign ferociously for the Labour party.

Virendra Sharma MP for Ealing Southall

Sanchia put a huge amount of enthusiasm and effort into the European campaign and proved herself to be a dedicated campaigner.  Her contribution helped Labour to the excellent result that we achieved throughout London in 2014 and her experiences and skills are a great asset to the Party.

Jim Dowd MP for Lewisham West and Penge

I’ve campaigned with Sanchia in Barking; she wants the best for London and she wants to use her knowledge about taking on the extreme right in East London to take on the extreme right across Europe. She will make a great MEP for London and if you vote her to the top of the list,  she would become the first female MEP of African/Caribbean descent to ever sit in the European Parliament. I urge everyone to place her number one on the ballot. As an experienced campaigner she will help us get good results in London in 2014.

RT Honorable Margaret Hodge MP for Barking

Sanchia has great experience as a doorstep campaigner, which resulted in her successfully defeating the BNP in Barking.  I knew Sanchia when she lived in Plaistow and when we worked together on Labour issues I was impressed with her skills and enthusiasm  to get things done.  I think that her campaigning skills will be crucial for the European elections and know that she would be an absolute asset to the Labour Party as a committed and hardworking MEP for London.

Lyn Brown MP for West Ham

I think it’s fantastic that Sanchia is a candidate for the Labour Party for next year’s European Elections.  I wish her great success in her campaign and look forward to welcoming her as a colleague to the European Parliament in May 2014.

Zita Gurmai MEP and President of the Party of European Socialists Women’s section

I am pleased to be able to have the opportunity to mentor a great British Woman, Sanchia Alasia towards the 2014 European Elections and wish her every success in her campaign.

Mojca Kleva MEP

I have worked with Sanchia as a campaigner and Councillor in Barking & Dagenham and can vouch for her hard work, commitment and dedication to serving the community and to the values of our party. Sanchia played a key role, as a candidate and campaigner, in seeing off the BNP in the 2010 elections, and is committed to keeping them out of East London.

John Biggs, Greater London Assembly Member for City and East

The prospect of Sanchia becoming our first UK Black female MEP is an exciting one. Sanchia has been immensely dedicated in her commitment to the people of London – especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged. With her proven expertise as an advocate for equality, as a councillor and her continued involvement with politics at European level, I feel that her record in meeting the needs of Londoners during this global recession will be of great value to us all.

Amran Hussain, Ealing Central and Action Labour and Director of Labour Friends of Small Business

For many years now Sanchia has been a trade unionist and a campaigner at a regional, national and European level. Her campaign to defeat the BNP in Barking, led to her defeating the London Regional Coordinator of the BNP and she now wants to defeat the far right across Europe.  She is rightly proud of her trade union roots and having seen our employment rights being eroded under this Tory led government, is determined to defend and strengthen the social Europe agenda. Her experience and knowledge about employment and anti-discrimination law is much needed in Europe. UNISON is delighted to endorse her campaign.”

The London region needs strong voices in Europe, someone with the drive and determination to work with the trade unions in Europe on equality and employment issues. Sanchia has worked as an equality campaigner for many years now, which gives her an excellent platform to fight for equality and workers’ rights in Europe, to get a better deal for our workers.  With this experience and skill, Sanchia will be able to make very positive differences for London and will be a proactive MEP for London, representing the interest of ordinary workers at the European level.  We urge UNISON and Labour party members to support Sanchia in the ballot.

UNISON London Region

I campaigned with Sanchia during the 2010 elections and she was and still is a dedicated Labour party campaigner and a formidable force which led her to successfully seeing off the London Regional Coordinator for the BNP, Robert Bailey.  As chair of the health and adult services scrutiny committee, she has led on wide range of pressing issues that deeply affect the residents of Barking and Dagenham including maternity, diabetes and Cameron’s damaging NHS reforms.  Her knowledge and experience of European issues especially the French political landscape is second to none.

Councillor Josie Channer, Barking and Dagenham and Greater London Assembly candidate for Bromley and Bexley 2012.

Sanchia is a formidable Labour party campaigner.  Her campaign against the BNP in Barking inspired many and it’s a testament to her determination and drive, that she managed to defeat the London Regional Coordinator of the BNP, Robert Bailey to become the youngest woman on Barking and Dagenham Council.  As chair of the health and adult services scrutiny committee she does not shy away from tackling difficult complex issues for the borough such as the provision of maternity services and the prevalence of diabetes in the area.  Her commitment to the local residents is second to none.

Genevieve Flight, Vice Chair Cities of London, Westminster CLP Ethnic Minority Officer, Online Business Strategist™, Speaker and Author

There are over five million Nigerians in the UK, many are Labour voters although they can be reluctant to vote on election day. With Sanchia Alasia’s candidacy for the MEP selection, our plan is to ensure that all those eligible to vote come out on the day to cast their votes for Sanchia. We are in agreement that she will make a very good MEP for London and that is why we are supporting her.

Dr. Joe Ukemenam, Chair Nigerians for Labour

IMPACT is dedicated to supporting leaders like Sanchia Alasia who have set themselves apart by displaying fearlessness in the face of adversity, devotion to service, and a commitment to lifting others up as they climb. These qualities are especially valuable as Sanchia pursues candidacy in the 2014 European elections. Her election as the first woman of African/Caribbean descent in the European Parliament will ensure that diverse voices are a part of the conversation, and through that inclusion, help modern democracies successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Nina Smith, Deputy Director IMPACT USA

Labour Party Affiliate Support


BAME Labour

Barking, Dagenham and Havering Co-operative Party


Jim Dowd MP, Lewisham West and Penge

Cllr Cameron Geddes, Barking

Cllr Elizabeth Kangethe, Barking

Cllr James Ogungbose, Barking

Cllr Patrick Vernon, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Mandy Richards, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Adebusuyi Adeyemi, Ilford North

Cllr Terry Paul, West Ham

Joe Corry-Roake, Streatham

Nana Gyabaa, Camberwell and Peckham

James Cole, Croydon Central


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