Sanchia Alasia

making diversity a priority
the untold story


Are you the leader of an organisation or business? I’m the forward-thinking strategist that you’re looking for.

I’m here to help you innovate and develop business values that translate into a healthy, inclusive culture.

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Feel free to explore any of the listed areas of my specialisms. Each solution will be tailor-made to the needs of your organisation or business.

What I Do Best

As a consultant and former political leader, I carry a variety of skills.  But, as an individual, these are the areas that I am known and sought for because of my years of working knowledge and expertise.


Raising awareness about diversity and inclusion for organisations.


Advice on navigating complex political environments


Development of best practice for HR recruiment and retention

public speaking

Delivering powerful messages that influence diverse audiences

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In today’s world, things are becoming more complex and require a lot of consideration. Therefore, I understand that the landscape for your business or organisation will be unique.
So, do schedule a consultation with me, so that we start creating solutions together.