Hi… I’m Sanchia.

With over a decade of specialist human resource and diversity management experience in the education and health sector, I am a leader in my field. I excel in building strategic relationships to direct a multi-discipline approach to developing world-class HR, Equality and Diversity Policies and developing successful, modern Industrial Relations strategies.

I offer guidance and advice on how to integrate corporate and company values and missions statements into everyday company culture

I have also achieved national recognition for innovating new approaches to mentoring and coaching services, and can support the development of effective training and talent development services at all levels.


I provide support to businesses on how to embed diversity and inclusion across their organisation.

Valuing diversity is key if organisations want to thrive, foster a culture of inclusion and respect, and effectively reach out to the needs of their client base.

I offer diversity training programmes in a variety of areas, to ensure your staff have the awareness they need to role model inclusive behaviour. Training can be delivered on general diversity principles as well as more bespoke areas such as bullying and harassment, disability awareness and anti-racism.

I can also help with the development and implementation of your diversity strategy as well as review policies to ensure they have an inclusive approach.

EU Advice

As former deputy leader of the UK delegation to the EU Committee of the Regions based in Brussels, I am well placed to advise your organisation on various aspects of EU affairs.

There are circumstances where the European Economic and Social Committee, or the Committee of the Regions has relevant guidance or an administrative role. It is important to identify the most important people in the process of researching a subject and how to reach out to them to discuss your ideas. I can work with you to highlight both positive and negative situations that legislation may create for your area. We can help guide clients as to what is and is not possible at the outset and then set realistic high-level strategic goals and plans to achieve them.

Brussels has a complex political environment. I can help with developing your political strategy to help navigate liaison with legislators, civil servants and members of the European Parliament and Committee of the Regions.


Having worked in HR for a number of years or various organisations, I can work with your business to ensure that you are correctly advised on HR best practice, deal effectively with tricky situations, and support your recruitment and retention strategies. I can help develop solutions such as:
• Looking at internal HR practices, procedures, and guidelines
• Making sure company policies are implemented throughout the business with a diversity lens
• Making recommendations as to how HR practices and operations can be improved
• Assisting with recruitment and retention of employees – acting as an independent interviewer
• Assisting with legal matters, including dismissals, disciplinary and grievance procedures
• Acting as an independent investigator when things go wrong
• Keeping clients up to date with legislation and employment practice developments

Public Speaking

Hiring a good public speaker is one of the most effective ways to get your message across, with the power to influence the world around you. If you see something that needs to change, use me as a public speaking to change it!

As an experienced and established public speaker I can work with you to:

  1. Win Over Your Audience. No matter the audience in front of you — whether large or small I can keep the interest of their audience and keep them interested to deliver the message.
  2. Motivate Others. I will motivate your audience make a change. It could be to stop or start something, try something new, or reach their goals. My goal is to motivate others to go in the direction they wish and be the best version of themselves that they can.
  3. Inform People. When you have information to share, you do not want it to be portrayed in a bland manner. With my experience your audience will be keen to listen. More important they will leave understanding what it means for them in practice.